Here shall we hoard all the precious and finely-crafted documentation of our brilliance!

“The Teen Girl World of Girlcon” by Zing Tsjeng for It features some really rad photos of the event & the rad folk that made the weekend a real thing!

“Girlcon 2015” by Natasha Barrett for Parallel Mag

“Girlcon: No Boys Allowed” by Sophie Foster for Icky Mag

“Interview: Anna Hill” by Sumner Brook for Ameliorate Mag. Anna talks about the process of putting Girlcon¬†together & why it was so important for them.

For goofy videos of pre-Girlcon 2015 planning & frivolity…

Also check out these rad reflections on Girlcon 2015, from Girlcon participants & panelists, Emma and Lindsey!