How to Make a Con

a.k.a. HOW TO CON THE MAN: How to start your own event & work towards dismantling the colonial white supremacist cisnormative homophobic patriarchy! With crafts! And sing-alongs!

The first in our series of videos: Get Started!


  • start collecting ideas and sources of inspiration
  • attend other events / watch panels online
  • think about what you want the event to be & what you don’t want it to be
  • write down words you hope will describe its vibe — i.e. friendly, fun, creative. Use these as your direction as you go forward!

Part Two: Find Yer Team!


  • find people who believe in your ideas too!
  • use the online world/social media as a resource
  • pay attention to events/flyers in your local area/held at schools etc
  • dont do it alone!! you need people to help with the momentum of the project
  • potentially find a mentor/someone with a DBS check