How to Girlcon

What you need to know to be a part of Girlcon London: how to contribute, attend, and exult in the glory.

Note: One way to contribute is through the content itself, whether you want to be part of a panel or workshop or put on a talk. We will send out a call for proposals / ideas when we have more details around the date & venue.

To enjoy Girlcon as an attendee and participant, we have come up with a code of conduct. Please read and keep in mind for the event! There will also be copies of it on-site.


General Niceness Guidelines

We really want Girlcon to be a safe and inclusive space for all attendees, and we trust that you do too! We will not tolerate transmisogyny, racism, ableism, homophobia, Islamophobia or religious discrimination, classism, fatphobia, or discrimination based on physical appearance. Please make an effort to respect all attendees, and make your language as non-oppressive as possible.

To ensure that we all feel comfortable and welcome, please give everyone space and time to talk. This means making an effort not to interrupt or dominate conversations and keeping quiet while others speak! Some discussions will likely cover very personal struggles and experiences. Our task at Girlcon is not to question or challenge them but to affirm, support, and uplift. Please be mindful that not everyone experiences oppression in the same way, and where possible, try to speak from your own life and acknowledge your perspective rather than generalize in a way that might exclude people with different experiences.

Gender & Pronouns

Girlcon is open to people who identify as girls/women and non-binary. “Non-binary,” or  “genderqueer,” or “gender non-conforming” are gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine. At the entrance to Girlcon, there will be a name-tag station where you can write your name and pronoun for use throughout Girlcon. We encourage attendees not to assume someone’s gender based on their appearance, but instead to use the pronoun “they,” and ask if you are unsure.

Girlcon is not a space for people who consistently identify as a boy (i.e have a static binary male identity, whether they are trans or cis), but trans[/]masculine folks are welcomed. To be clear, we will primarily be centring experiences of femininity and girlhood!

Photo Policy

Please ask everyone you photograph if they’re happy to be in the photo and let them know what you intend to do with the photos. If you do not want to be photographed, there will be pens at the nametag table at the entrance. A red dot on your nametag (try to make it visible) means Don’t Photograph!

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is a room for people who may need some time to be alone, still, and quiet. If you feel anxious, scared, overwhelmed, or triggered, feel free to make use of the room. Be sure to ask one of the volunteers in the blue Teenage Girl Defence Squad t-shirts if you need help finding it.

Harassment Policy

Girlcon is committed to creating a safe space for all attendees, regardless of gender, race, sexual identity, disability, class, religion, physical appearance, or body size. We will not tolerate any form of harassment towards participants; those who engage in harassment may be told to leave Girlcon.

How can I help make Girlcon safe?

  • Be aware of this anti-harassment policy, of using non-oppressive language, and of people’s boundaries.
  • Back up your fellow participants – if you see someone being harassed or looking uncomfortable, ask if they’re okay.
  • If you are harassed, first of all make sure you’re safe, then find a volunteer as soon as you can.

[This harassment policy is based off a document from the convention Nine Worlds, which in turn is based on an example from the Geek Feminism wiki created by the Ada Initiative and other volunteers.]