YouTube @ Girlcon!

On Sunday the 31st at 1:30, Rowan Ellis will be hosting a workshop about starting out on YouTube! Do you have an interest, hobby, or viewpoint that you want to explore on YouTube but don’t know where to start? This session will introduce how to create and maintain a YouTube channel so you can do … More YouTube @ Girlcon!

Poetry @ Girlcon!

On Sunday the 31st of July at 10:15, Bridget Minamore will be hosting a poetry workshop, followed by a poetry share! Bridget Minamore is a writer, poet and journalist who was shortlisted to be London’s first Young Poet Laureate and is part the creative team behind Brainchild Festival. She teaches poetry workshops around the country, … More Poetry @ Girlcon!

moop moop schmupdate

[sent out July 9, 2016] Hey, folks! Firstly, it’s about time for some Girlcon updates! The days are counting down! The stress and/or excitement is ramping up! What a delight! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get involved, NOW IS THE TIME. We’re currently looking for teens & young ppl to talk … More moop moop schmupdate

a sense of safety transforms the body, transforms the spirit

[sent out 19th June, 2016] Hey pals! It probably goes without saying that the past week has been incredibly intense and difficult for a lot of folk, so we’re gonna keep the newsletter on the shorter side today. Still, if you are braving your inbox, thanks for being here! Although at this point you may be … More a sense of safety transforms the body, transforms the spirit

Bust out the sunscreen, we’re hitting the beach!

[originally sent June 5th, 2016] Girlcon updates: Earlier in the week we put out an updated content list, which is viewable here on tumblr! The schedule is real close to full now, so we can’t promise to do other things, but if you have an idea for something specific that isn’t included, let us know and we’ll see if … More Bust out the sunscreen, we’re hitting the beach!

Ruby Tandoh is amazing edition + calls for content

[from May 20th, 2016] Hello magical people!! this newsletter is from me, Anna!! so here are some things about girlcon and also some cool things to check out! [as i lie here sniffling and sick on the sofa] we have started to plan content and so have two calls for panelists/participants, check out what and … More Ruby Tandoh is amazing edition + calls for content

Spring Sprung, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade

[from April 24, 2016] hello!! [there are more of you now thanks to Kara mentioning this Thing in one of her vids!] this month is exclamation month!! (just kidding thats every month if you get emails from me, anna, princet of punctuation) (or you know, beyonce, or whatever) so firstly some business: you can buy a copy of the … More Spring Sprung, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade