moop moop schmupdate

[sent out July 9, 2016]

Hey, folks!

Firstly, it’s about time for some Girlcon updates! The days are counting down! The stress and/or excitement is ramping up! What a delight!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get involved, NOW IS THE TIME.

We’re currently looking for teens & young ppl to talk about SELFIES and identity for the Selfie panel. Please tweet us @g1rlcon or email us at if you are at all interested in talking about the Power and Wonder of the Photograph!

Photo on 08-07-2016 at 16.06

(some selfie inspo wow look at them cheery folk)


Also wanted to share a bit about the Zine Showcase so everyone can get their rad DIY stuff together! Basically we’re gonna have some editors / creators of zines talk about their work and show some examples, and answer some questions about how they got started. We’re not really supposed to have things for sale at the event, but you can totally bring your zines to swap or share over the weekend! The Zine Showcase specifically will be either at 2:45 or 4PM on Sunday the 31st. If you wanna contribute or just bring some of your work to share, get crafting!


(this is our zine workshop last year! so much great zine mess!)

(also the photo is courtesy of the rad Girlcon article done by Broadly)


The Fat Clothes Swap is gonna be held on the Sunday as well, and we’re looking for people to bring in clothes of sizes 14+! Even if you can’t make it on the day but you wanna contribute, if you contact the organizers, we would love to work out a way to pick up your clothes to share.  Find out more here.

Here is the current schedule of events for all of Girlcon. We will release a more detailed program soon enough, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on that rainbow calendar! (we also have a black & white version on the tumblr page if the colours do not agree with your eyes) A few things are subject to change, but like it’s mostly solid.


And At Last, here is the Facebook event page and the Eventbrite page. GIRLCON IS TOTALLY FREE but we ask that you please sign up for free tickets (one for each day if you can make them both) so that we have an idea of numbers! Even if you’re planning things or gonna be on a panel, please sign up so we know!

Finally, this is a not great or elegant segue, but due the recent murders of black men and continued police brutality in America, as well as all the other shit stuff going on in the world, we’ve got some extra self-care resources as well as a couple articles…

“4 Self-Care Resources for Days When the World is Terrible” over at ColorLines.

An article from gal-dem, “Just because we are magic does not mean we are not real.”

The video of Jesse Williams’ speech from which that quote comes, and the transcript.

Also may I recommend #carefreeblackkids2k16 including but not limited to this one.

That is all for the moment!

Much love & hugs & apricot jam on toast! Take care!


Anna and Kara 


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