Bust out the sunscreen, we’re hitting the beach!

[originally sent June 5th, 2016]

Girlcon updates:

Earlier in the week we put out an updated content list, which is viewable here on tumblr! The schedule is real close to full now, so we can’t promise to do other things, but if you have an idea for something specific that isn’t included, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it jive with what we’ve got going on. We especially wanna centre stuff by and for teens!

That said, there are still spaces on some of the panels, so definitely get in contact if you wanna participate in some way but aren’t sure how. When we get closer to the time, we’re also gonna figure out some kind of photography / video / audio recording situation, so if you have some basic tech skills & are interested in that, @ us!

Cool Things A-Happening!

Calling all artists! Kim, who you might remember as the person who designed & shared all the felt Girlcon badges at the event last year (and is rad. obviously), is part of an activist group of teens & young women called PSHE Matters, which is focused around trying to get better education about sex, health, relationships, gender, and sexuality into schools! They’re organizing an event set for August (location TBA) to showcase art on this topic & to start discussion around how sex education could be improved in schools. They’re still looking for artists to contribute, so if you’re interested, check out PSHE Matters on their website, instagram, or contact them directly at pshematters@gmail.com.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.40.23 PM


This week, Heben and Tracy of Another Round talked to the poet Jenny Zhang about poetry, being shameless, family, lipgloss, and the whiteness of academia. As a white person who studies poetry in super white academia, it was super helpful & important for me to hear and remember whose voices aren’t being valued or supported in most schools. The way Jenny talks about her parents and about being a child of immigrants is also really powerful, and I wanted to share this section (you should also listen to it if you get the chance, though, because she’s an amazing speaker!). 

They don’t understand me, and for many reasons, because I did not grow up in the country they grew up in, I do not speak the language that is their home, they do not speak the language that is my home — they do not know so many things about me and I don’t know so many things about them, but they love me unconditionally and that’s all I could ever ask for. And I feel like for a lot of people, a lot of children of immigrants, they feel that way. Especially if you are someone who with a lot of ambition who has done what your parents want you to do, which is be really successful and really great, it’s suddenly like you’re in this world that they can’t possibly understand, and that’s what they wanted for you. They wanted you to be in that world, but it’s also sad because now it means there’s a part of you they’ll never understand. And I think, for me, it’s like knowing that part of them loving me is accepting that they’ve released me to be someone that they can’t understand.

Whew. You can listen to the rest of their conversation here.

I just discovered Bad Fat Broads, a podcast that takes an intersectional approach to discussing topics around fat activism. I haven’t listened to all of it yet, but I’m super excited to! 

Finally, the podcast that me and Anna have been working on, FANGRRRLS, is slowly being released into the world! In the first episode, we introduce ourselves and talk about some embarrassing & transcendent fan experiences. In the second episode, I interview Sadie (a.k.a. defense360) who makes really artful, thoughtful videos and short films. Because we had so much to say, I divided our discussion into two parts — the first part, in which we talk about intense fan feelings, popular depictions of high school / teenagehood, and growing up online, is available here for your ears to soak up like squishy little sponges!

If you wanna watch Sadie’s short films before we talk about them in Part II (or just cause they’re really good), check them out here!

Really Good Reads

Rose on who is left out of campaigns centred around destigmatizing mental illness.

The blog Queer Vanity feat. so many rad outfits and really great interviews with creative QTPoC.

~~Summer Vibes~~

We’ve had the first few days of super summer heat here in my home city, and as a result I’ve been spending some time outside but also a lot of time living in a blur of fictional summerscapes made out of places I never actually go — outdoor pools, amusement parks, summer camps; the main qualification is they have to feel sunny and kind of sticky and smell like some combination of chlorine, coconut sunscreen, and melted popsicle goo. If you are up for it, I will take you on a tour of some sunscapes that make me feel better about being overheated & lethargic & mushy…

First off, just ahead, check out the breezy 70s vibes + peaches in Sadie’s video Shine A Light On.

To your right, you can read up on The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth, a book that features fairs and outdoor pools and corn fields AND a queer heroine and is maybe one of my fav YA books ever though I haven’t read it in a couple years. (cw for mental illness & self-harm) 

all around you, you should be experiencing the chlorine hiss of the pool in The To-Do List as Aubrey Plaza looks on towards the gaggle of gangly dudes behind you.


Next up, we’re visiting the cotton-candy-coated, creaky fairgrounds of Adventureland feat. Kristen Stewart, the only person who matters in this movie (obviously). (also I really want one of those shirts now, just so everyone around me can be in on how fun I am without me actually having to smile / engage with humanoids)


And on to the waterpark, bright picnic tables, and Sugar Shack featured in The Way Way Back…


Towards the super cheery and wholesome and not dangerous at all beaches of Amity Island / Jaws.

Jaws-BannerAnd finally, sit back on a scabby picnic table in the cottage country of This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki. Sip a flat Coke, gnaw on a gummy worm, and maybe check out the video rental/convenience store for extra slumber party supplies before cycling over to the lake, diving in, and letting all your cares drift away. 


(or, like, stay in and read. that’s cool too.)

Til next time, take it easy!


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