Ruby Tandoh is amazing edition + calls for content

[from May 20th, 2016]

Hello magical people!!

this newsletter is from me, Anna!! so here are some things about girlcon and also some cool things to check out! [as i lie here sniffling and sick on the sofa]

we have started to plan content and so have two calls for panelists/participants, check out what and who we are looking for:

details for the first three here and details for the next group here

More content calls will be coming too so keep an eye on our tumblr and our twitter

okay onto the Cool Stuff section

this looks like a really cool selection of literature!! i especially wanna check out Lez Talk: [BEST NAME!!] a collection of black lesbian short fiction

Vivek Shraya, the author who kara spoke about last newsletter, made this be-au-ti-ful piece/collection of words and photographs about her mother and their relationship. Its called Trisha.

whilst i was up all night manically creating i listened to this podcast about the figure skating athlete Surya bonnily who is famous on tumblr for doing a BACKFLIP on ICE (Landing on one leg no less). whether or not u want to read her action [backflips are against the rules] as an act of defiance against the white supremacy of the figure skating world/judges/general (sport) world, she was and seems to still be an amazing person and an amazing athlete! like so so amazing. so elegant and strong and innovative!
check out some of her routines and other rad skaters here too!

there is this really beautiful piece about how witchcraft can help u live with chronic illness/pain and trauma. content warnings for ableism, brief mention of street harassment, complex-ptsd, implied abuse/neglect, brief mention of alcoholism.
the illustrations that accompany the piece are also lovely!
here is my fave section:

that last line is super beautiful.

cw: eating disorders, food, “wellness”
it is no secret that the girlcon team love ruby tandoh and her most recent article on “clean eating” is as usual brill. here are my fave parts: 
“Wellness doesn’t cause eating disorders. But when we advocate, and even insist upon, a diet so restrictive, moralising and inflexible, and market that diet to young women, and then dress it up as self-care: just how responsible is that? When I subscribed to wellness, it gave me the means to rationalise my food insecurities, whilst glossing over my fear of food with the respectable veneer of health-consciousness.”
Reacquaint yourself with the sweet, heady scent of onions caramelising in butter. When your birthday rolls around, make your own cake, and hold tight to your right to treat yourself with that same kindness as often as you need it. Feel buoyed by the knowledge that food is on average safer, more plentiful and more nutritious than ever before in human history. Trust that your body knows what it needs, and when you get a hankering for chips, chocolate or courgette, look to that craving: the rumble of your belly is not a saboteur. Remember above all that you will be nourished not only by the food you eat, but by the pleasure you take in it.

Ruby also writes a column called Eating Dirty on Vice where she reviews fast food places and i think the descriptions are kinda glorious: this is from a review of Wimpy:

the last link for today is this article [thanks to fee for sending it to me]:
on the controversial rapper azealia banks, and the ways we silence her and other black women/femmes
the best quote was this part i think:
“Regardless of what she said and did, Azealia does not deserve to be silenced or have her Twitter snatched from her. I say this because Black women, femmes and girls don’t always get it right, nor do we always do right even when we get chance after chance. But our stories, our pain, our histories always deserve another chance. Does that chance inherently mean that everyone has to like us? No. Does that space given mean that we’re incapable of harm and violence? No. But we deserve the space to evolve, grow and change because we have never been given chances, the benefit of the doubt or the humanity to be multidimensional, complicated people.”

the poster for girlcon 2.0 is up!!
we will be making the event for this years girlcon soon too so keep ur eyes out for that! 🙂
want more newsletters in ur inbox? pipsophiajune and i have all got ones going now!!

lots of luv to u all!!


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