It has the great merit of existing: A newsletter

Hey folks!

As we are shifting seasons we’re also gonna change up the format of the newsletters a bit. So look out for some upcoming talk on creativity & starting projects & making cool shit!!!


First off I gotta get out some updates so for your safety please HOLD ON:

  • WE HAVE FUNDING! Praise be the lords of capitalism! In all seriousness, this is really really useful in re: us getting a real-life venue we can transform into a magical haven for a couple days. So, hoorah!
  • Speaking of VENUES. We’re still exploring options and looking for someplace that can hold 200-300 people without costing mega $$$. Places like community centres / activist spaces are especially cool because their values hopefully align with ours. If you know any places like this, or would be interested in researching them, email us @
  • We now have an official FB page! Book our face now before it’s too late!
  • We also have a blog/website that is a bit under construction, but free for your perusal: Let us know if there’s anything really cool we should have on there!!
  • Also thank you to everyone who has sent in responses to the Volunteer Team survey! You are all magic and we are excited to get working with you!! If you missed it, you can still send us your details here.

Other stuff I’m hoping to get out in the world soon (finally) is a HOW-TO MAKE A CON series to talk about how people living in non-London UK places can start their own conventions (like maybe in London, Ontario. that would be fun). Brace yerselves for a global girl & nb take-over!


Okay: the good bits.

Fee shared this video with me in which Dani talks about how the word “girl” feels more comfortable than “woman” for her, which is, I think, super relevant to a lot of people. A quote: “I just think that al lot of my struggles with womanhood/womandom come with the idea of having to be a ‘lady.’”

An article on gender in some indigenous cultures.

Jlo for all times!!! This made me really happy.


On creativity…

Here’s an article from a while back about imagining cultural works if they were produced entirely by women at all levels: “Pay Women the Money they Need to Make the Culture” by Rachel Syme

one of my fav quotes:

Women who are paid to create culture are often taught to remain separate from one another because they are breathing rarefied air; don’t disturb the atmosphere. And while I want women to control their own production and do it totally on their own if they have to, the idea of the Lone Female Genius is also holding us back: we need to work together if we are going to topple anything. When women are isolated, they compete instead of conspire. And women should be conspiring!

I mean there is something still about women working on their own solo projects because they don’t have any other choice, or are isolated by circumstance (I’m thinking back to Kathleen Hanna’s quote about producing Julie Ruin entirely in her bedroom), but also like yes ARTISTS ASSEMBLE and also COLLABORATE!

That Kathleen Hanna quote (from The Punk Singer)…

It sounds like bedroom culture. It sounds like something a girl made in her bedroom. A girl’s bedroom sometimes can be this space of real creativity. The problem is that these bedrooms are all cut off from each other. So how do you take that bedroom that you’re cut off from all the other girls who are secretly in their bedroom writing secret things or making secret songs? I wanted the Julie Ruin record to sound like a girl from her bedroom made this record but then didn’t just throw it away, or it wasn’t just in her diary, but she took it out and shared it with people.

Amandla is just about everywhere nowadays (praise be!) and I am always inspired by the stuff she does & says but I really love the vibrant, jean jacket & girl-gang style going on here, and also her words, obvs. What does magic mean to you? ‘Dynamic energy. Like being fearless and explosive.’

I’ve also been thinking a lot about this thing Sylvia Plath wrote in her journals about cooking & connecting herself to Virginia Woolf.

I was getting worried about becoming too happily stodgily practical: instead of studying Locke, for instance, or writing – I go make an apple pie, or study the Joy of Cooking, reading it like a rare novel. Whoa, I said to myself. You will escape into domesticity & stifle yourself by falling headfirst into a bowl of cookie batter. And just now I pick up the blessed diary of Virginia Woolf which I bought with a battery of her novels saturday with Ted. And she works off her depression over rejections from Harper’s (no less! – and I hardly can believe that the Big Ones get rejected, too!) by cleaning out the kitchen. And cooks haddock & sausage. Bless her. I feel my life linked to her, somehow.

It makes me think about different ways of expressing creativity & also how different domestic practices can be a huge form of release. In case you hadn’t figured it out, we here at Girlcon HQ are fans of baking.


Recently me & my sis watched the documentary Cutie & the Boxer, which I’d been eyeing up for ages. I was expecting it to be fun & art-inspiring (and it is) but totally did not anticipate the way it would deal with the struggles of a female artist being forced to take of her husband and son and squeeze in time for her own creative expression. It follows the relationship between Ushio and Noriko Shinohara, a married couple who are both artists, and it’s beautiful and sad and pretty great.

As for self-care, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m super excited by what’s going on over at Babe Vibes. They have a Methods of Self-Care zine that you can read online & print out yourself for free and it’s really helpful. Ing general, the language of the babe is something that I’ve really internalized over the past year and it makes me feel so much more easy-going to pretend I’m a rad surfer dude instead of a radically frantic/lethargic nerd kid, so like chill, hang ten, catch a cool one, check out the zine, man.

Finally, if you’re trying to start something creative, this line from The Audible Past by Jonathan Sterne has been bumping around my noggin since I first read it (it has really nothing to do with the book itself, but anyway):

it has the great merit of existing

I mean, same.

Stay gnarly, dudes!





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