How to deal with being young and alive??? How to build supportive communities???

Girlcon is a two-day event of discussion, workshopping, and frivolity focused around these questions. From the freeing power of 1 Direction fan fiction to ways to deal with mental illness, Girlcon is structured around panel discussions and talks lead by young people for young people on an array of topics related to art, activism, gender & sexuality, and identity.

Our vision for Girlcon is to create a safe space for teenage girls, young women, and non-binary folk from a variety of backgrounds to come together, celebrate each other, share, learn, create, and prepare to go back into the world more connected and powerful than ever. As our queen Beyonce hath said Girls* run the world (*and non-binary folk though unfortunately this doesn’t fit the rhythm of the song super well). As she hath also said, There is room on this earth for many queens. Girlcon is in the business of supplying tools & glitter with which we can all construct our own thrones. Huzzah!

The first Girlcon was held at the MayDay Rooms in London, England from July 25-26th, 2015. The development of Girlcon 2.0, set for July 30th- 31st 2016 at Woodhouse College in London, is currently underway! Check out the schedule for Girlcon 2016 here and stay tuned to the Facebook event page & our twitter for more updates!

Girlcon is a community-based event that can only exist through the participation and collaboration of everyone who shares an idea online, shows up, or volunteers their time in any way. That said, the organizers in chief, and those who will probably respond to your emails are Anna Hill and Kara Stanton. We are both incredibly powerful and total goofballs; be warned!

For all inquiries about Girlcon, contact us at grrrlcon@gmail.com. For general tomfoolery, check out @g1rlcon on twittertumblr, and youtube.



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